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I’ve been writing this morning – I am tapping our line after line of the Behold Her Life book.

And, the thing I’ve been pondering in the past couple of hours is the importance of a vision, of a direction, so to speak. My mind has traveled to a compass. What a simple thing.

Some of my thoughts:

There are some points in our lives where all we see are our immediate surroundings. Without a compass, even if we know where we are supposed to be, we can’t get there.

You are heading in ONE direction if the pin is steady.

When the directional pointer moves, we are moving in a different direction than when we began.

Left to its own devices, a magnetic compass spins and spins. Looks like confusion to me!

How do I know what direction I SHOULD be going?

I have quite a bit written down and becoming more and more organized – but, while taking a bran break, I found something that inspired me! I searched for “compass” and something popped up in my email on the device I am using for writing, today. So, I clicked on it and it just so happens it was an affiliate link to a COMPASS RING!

It’s a simple compass ring – for only $12!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that! I am so inspired today. Maybe a compass is just what you need to put you on the right path in the right direction toward God’s vision for your life.

Happy Saturday!

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