Once upon a time, I deleted Facebook.

I once deleted Facebook for several years. Facebook makes people a little goofy sometimes! It’s often used as a tool to hurt people. It’s a shame it’s used for bullying – it’s a manipulative tool in the wrong hands. Even in the hands of family.

In 2009, I received a diagnosis that I was medically ill with an incurable disease. After prayer and consideration with Nana, I decided to let family (who rarely spoke with me) know what our plan of action for treatment would be. An aunt by marriage informed me, via Facebook, I was sick because God was punishing me for sinning. And I needed to understand I was sick because of all the bad things I had done in my life. Basically, she believed I deserved to be sick and she had no sympathy for me.

It was enough to cause me to delete her as a friend, even though I knew it was lies.  God didn’t make me sick.  God wanted me HEALED.  And, shortly thereafter, I had blood family members deleting me as a friend on Facebook, as an apparent result.

During the illness, I was not checked on by much of my family. In recent years, I’ve come to know many had forgotten I was ever ill! But, my Nana, friends and Church family were always there for me. And I am healed. Praise God! I still pop negative on ana tests! My healing didn’t depend on what that one family member decided was a curse on my life. Hallelujah!

Fast forward a few years. I was required to create a new account while creating my Marketing Business and Behold Her Life Ministry pages.  I share a LOT of my own story of God healing me, the truth about social media trends I’ve experienced, the truth about my parenting, the truth about my story of God’s Redemption, the truth about my experiences with product and savings!

Some days I regret that. But, today, I realized when family unfriends me, I need to remember it was probably an obligatory connection. He or she doesn’t really want a connection to me in “real life” and a Facebook connection is the LEAST you can do for family. The VERY LEAST. Today, this same relative who is not a friend of mine on Facebook is back at her silly games – injecting and manipulating to cause a ripple.  Though I know, again, it’s just not true, I was mildly annoyed. But, moreover, and after rolling my eyes and praying, I find myself THANKFUL – I am so grateful for the friends I have and the Family of God I have. And if nothing else, Facebook may actually cast light on true character in some cases.

I share all of this so others who might have been annoyed or hurt by a family member or friend can see you’re not alone.  You are not beyond God’s reach to heal you!  Regardless of what someone says, LOOK TO TRUTH.  Facebook can be used for good or for evil. As can anything! If you’re using Facebook for good, carry on! If you’re not, maybe dial it back a bit.

Be nice.

Behold Her Life. Please.

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