Stay At Home Moms & Empty Nesting

I remember being I stay at home mom.

I felt myself losing my autonomy pretty soon after my first daughter was born . A friend of mine was in a really cool make up business. You know, one of the direct selling MLM businesses. She would go to peoples houses and have parties and do facials! She was loving getting out of the house once a week to do a party, earn a little cash, get her products at a discount and just be HER. She introduced me to the business opportunity. I signed right up! It’s one of the things I am most glad I did in my life. It was fun! I got free product, had my own “thing” to do and I desperately needed to get out of the house from time to time, and just be ME. And I wanted to be the ideal Proverbs 31 Woman!

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a mom who works outside the home, you get it. Right?

Years later, as a full-time working mom who happened to be flying solo, I still found myself wanting to get out of the house a little more, without the littles. And I was still needing to provide – but still wanting to do things for myself without taking anything away from the kiddos. And believing Proverbs 31 was NOT going to be the kind of woman I was because there was a divorce and I was a SoloMom. Many of my friends were hitting the bars, or spas, or malls, or going away for a girls weekend to Vegas. There was no way I could see clear to do that- for lots of reasons. So, I began prayerfully looking for something like direct sales. Again, I found some great products that I loved and could get at tremendous discount if I signed up to be a distributor. It was a blast! And I found my kids arising and calling me blessed, regardless of my marital status! Hmmmm there was a glimmer of hope that came from that “fun” side of work! My self confidence and faith that I could be the type of woman the Bible talks about -one who sees a field and seeks to invest in it. That little MLM led me to do so much more!

Now, as a nearly Empty Nester, I find myself in a similar circumstance. I’m NOT trying to get out of the house more, though. And, now, I am a full time Director of Marketing. I’m not looking for another thing to DO. I am looking for a new facet of BEING – being healthy. I mean, NOW, I have remarried just under five years & I like being at home! I also like doing things *with* my husband. (Who once said I’m his Proverbs 31 Queen. I love that!)

Recently, we did a cleanse together. And it was NOT fun! But, we both feel so much better. We are now embarking on a new season in our life together. EMPTY NESTING. And, I want to be healthy for that! So, in the process of becoming healthier together, we have stumbled across a few products that we have fallen in love with! We want to share them with you. I am adding a link at the bottom of this blog post that will introduce you to our eight day cleanse. Our friends, Jackie and Casey shared this one with us! I am SO THANKFUL! Take a peek at the 30 Day Ultimate Transformation Kit (UTK), which includes the 8 day cleanse. It took me day by day from day one to day thirty and beyond. I have a shopping list and a Menu with some recipes that we used and I’m happy to share! I’ve lost a total of nearly 19lbs in less than a month and a BUNCH of inches! I strongly recommend getting the UTK, if you’re able! BONUS: through the end of May 2018, my husband and I are doing a $50 rebate to anyone who purchases it. If you choose to order the IGNITE KIT, which is just the 8 day cleanse, we are doing a $25 rebate through the end of May! That’s basically the same amount/ value of product we would receive!

Reach out to me and I can tell you more.

Email: with the subject line CLEANSE


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