Coffee is such a huge part of my day!

I can do A LOT, and do it more effectively with my coffee!

I love starting my day with The Word and a cup of coffee.  I am wrapping up some Bible reading in Kings that I am LOVING!  I have read these scriptures or referred to a few verses here and there, or heard teachings on some of these Biblical Times.  But just sitting down to read these things, was not something I had done.  So, I’ve had a few revelations!  I don’t know why I am amazed that so much of everything I am reading is relevant to me.  I really just don’t know why I am ever surprised by His Word!

I tend to think I am living my life expectantly.  Until I read something that almost makes me spill my coffee!

I invite you to read 1 Kings and 2 Kings, grab a Keep Cup (link below) and fill it with CJ’s Coffee!  You can drive thru, walk in and hang out, or order it online!  It’s a super cool local roasterie.

Settle in with your cup of coffee and let your cup runneth over!

Grab YOUR keep cup:


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