I’ve been studying quite a bit lately preparing for some upcoming events and I continue to think about Fair Weather Friendships. We’ve all been there – on both sides! You know the scenario – you have something (a connection, food item, position, joy, money, talent etc) that someone else admires or desires. In many cases a person desiring what you have will cozy up to you in order to get a piece of the pie! This is especially true in female relationships – even Christian relationships! How can this be? We are all at different levels of maturity – let them off the hook! Pray for them to continue to grow in The Lord. Walk out humility in front of them and remember 1 Corinthians 4! The Love chapter says we are to grow up in our Spiritual lives! Don’t act like a child – put away childish ways and be a true, joyful, Spirit Led friend! #beholdHER #girlineedyou #fwf


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