Praying for a Spouse Day Four


Yowsa!  That’s about how day four was summed up!

I think my husband and I both got a full spiritual work-out in on this one.

Maturity – shewww!

Maturing my Husband?  I immediately thought, “wasn’t that his mother’s job?”

Uhm. No.  And it’s not mine either, as it turns out.  Thank the Lord!

I do love this prayer for my husband.  You see, as we are still settling in to being married, we both are tossed back and forth a bit.  In praying this prayer for my Husband’s spiritual maturity today, that old spirit that is so familiar (familial, too) was rendered powerless!  It came to my attention today that the enemy is alive and well where I ALLOW his to be.  And, if I go for a moment in to my “self” instead of abiding in Jesus, it’s like I’ve just performed CPR on the very plan the enemy laid out – that one I’ve prayed against so fervently!

Praying for my husband is such an honor.  Not a chore.  If it is a chore, it’s something I need to deal with in my mind and heart.

I pray Christ remain the center of our relationship – even when things are trying to toss us about.

Today was a good day.

How about yours?

Shoot me an email and tell me about your first four days!  I’d love to include it in our 5 day re-cap tomorrow on the blog.

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