Praying for a Spouse Day Fourteen

Knowing His Purpose

Romans 8:28

What an incredible honor it is to have the open relationship with our Lord that we might be able to pray for our men!

Today: Praying that he will know God’s purpose in his life.  He may be a man of many talents. Or, perhaps he is a man in high demand by other family members, work, ministry, coaching, etc.  It’s confirmation that we’ve chosen well to have such a responsible guy, right?  Right!  But, let’s pray that our man will know HIS purpose from God!

It’s not easy to know what that is when we are mounted with responsibilities and nothing seems possible financially – so our purpose becomes earning money.  It’s difficult to know the difference between a direction and a distraction.  I pray today in this Thirty One Prayers for my Husband (click to learn more) challenge that the calling on his life will be clarified and that he will be bold and filled with confidence to deny distractions to head in the direction of God’s purpose for him!




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