Praying for a Spouse Day Two

Day Two in reading 31 Prayers for My Husband brought me to pray for His Job.

I am so thankful he has a job!  Praying for him as he puts his hand to the plow every day is going to be a high priority for me.  

Without his job, much would be missing from our lives.  When I think of all the time he is away, sometimes, its a bit much.  The commute and being on call, long meetings, etc.  But, then, I think about what his hard work provides for us.  Tithes, offerings, insurance and what we consider basic needs being met – plus so many extras – are all met because of his hard work and sacrifice.  I am thankful for his bosses and the company for choosing MY Husband to do the job he does.

I don’t know if your husband likes his job, has a strong work ethic, or has the ability to work, but regardless – praying for him whatever he has his hands to is such an awesome thing.  It’s powerful!

Colossians 3:23-24

I remember so many songs from Disney Movies having to do with tasks or work – “Whistle While You Work” and the one from Mary Poppins “Spoonful of Sugar” – both have a very positive take on the attitude we should have while working.  Rejoice!

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Tomorrow (Day Three):

Encouragement Romans 15:13


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