Really, Fabletics? A True Story of the Brick & Mortar in Legacy West


Fitness Wear has never been my idea of “fun” shopping.

But something has changed.

I went to Legacy West with Madison for an exclusive invitation (100 people chosen) she received for the Grand Opening of Sprinkles.  We had a little time to kill, so we roamed the empty sidewalks – mind you, LW isn’t open yet, officially – and a couple of dining places were open. But, mostly we were instagramming the event, PRE-event.

It was hot.  And I decided the next place that was open, we were going IN.  But, the next place that was open was a retail store I didn’t really want to visit.  It was a Brick and Mortar for Fabletics.  You know, Kate Hudson’s (Goldie Hawn’s daughter) FITNESS WEAR Boutique.

I mean, come on.  I came to the shopping district for a flipping CUPCAKE for crying out loud!  Plus, I mean, let’s be real.  I’m not a small size gal!  I hate to fall prey to the comparison trap!  But, it happens! And Fabletics, I thought was going to be like the Devil’s playground!  So, I slowed my pace explaining to my sweet daughter I really didn’t want to go in there and named three or four really lame reason why (including it wasn’t “THAT hot outside”  and “I think the warm breeze is actually nice!”) I didn’t want to go.  But, it was futile.  She saw right through me.  She knew I felt too frumpy to go into a “small size gal” store – heavier than I have ever been in my life, recently aware that they had found my uterus was chock fulla tumors and fibroids – but frumpy was no excuse to her for us to pass up free A/C while we had an entire hour yet to wait for Sprinkles to open.

Upon passage through the portal into the Fabletics abyss of skinny-fit-pretty-yogi’s, I was STUNNED – I thought the portal had passed us into an alternate universe!  A BEAUTIFUL young lady who was a bit shorter than I, a bit heavier and a bit curvier than I – and to be frank, more bubbly and joviant than I, greeted us about 12 feet into the store.  And she said they had specials that day – “here are your options, browse around and let me know how I can be of assistance,” she said – or something like that.  I honestly cannot remember her exact words because I was trying to figure (no pun intended) what size SHE was wearing – all the while thinking “just exactly HOW stretchy ARE these clothes Goldie’s Kid has come up with?” Would they REALLY have an outfit for ME?

So, before I made a fool of myself digging through mountains of XS, S, M & L labeled apparel, I tracked down my new bubbly luscious friend (in my mind, she’s my shopping buddy now, because she GETS ME!) and asked her if there was anything in Fabletics that would fit me or if there was a special or separate section where I could find my size.

HA!  Let me tell you what SHE SAID!  She said, “Nooo, Nu-Nu-Nu-Nu-nooo ALL the sizes are TOGETHER.  Everyone can fit into our lines!  Let’s see, what size do you normally feel comfortable in? Like, me? I like a 1X. So, I mean, pretty much everything comes in every size.  It’s a matter of our in-stock availability- BUT I can totally order it and ship it to store at no cost! Find what you like!” I literally started crying.  TRUE STORY!  Right there, in Fabletics!  Madison encouraged me to treat myself, so I headed to the racks.

She said to find something I like.  And, I did.  And I found things in MY SIZE!  She caught up with me and offered me a dressing room.  I declined.  She said that was totally cool.  She understood – and if anything didn’t fit, just come back!  Fabletics has a great policy!

Let’s face it, those of us who aren’t ALREADY “fit” don’t exactly slide right in and out of dressing rooms to try things on!

I bought a super cute tank, a pair of shorts and a pair of capri leggings!  Pics are below and are linked so you can find them easily – but you may have a style that’s totally different!

Right now the leggings I paid full price for are on sale for 2 for $24 if you become a NEW VIP member!  PLUS online, at checkout, you can also choose an entire outfit for $19 and your choice of up to 4 tops at a special price ranging from $9 – $13! The catch is you have ONE HOUR to find what you’re looking for and complete the sale!  Orders over $49 are also free shipping!

You don’t have to already be what the world may determine is ‘fit” in order to shop at Fabletics.  You don’t even have to be enrolled in a Yoga class to shop there – but you will be comfortable.  And, I hope you will be as comfortable as I am!  No comparison. Let the Fitness Fun Begin! Barre anyone? #BeholdHerLife

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