… Here I Come!

I keep seeing alllllll these posts about how incredibly ready people are to kick 2016 out and welcome in the new year.  I can totally relate, most years.  But, this year of 2016 has been so incredibly blessed with manifestations of things my family and I have been believing for and sowing toward for so many years, I’m not in the place to kick it out.

I mean, I think the timing is just right for me this time around.  I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this way before.  I believe this year’s transition into the next is going to be like walking from one room to another.

In previous years, I’ve done the whole resolution thing.  I’ve failed.  I’ve forgotten.  I’ve dismissed things, altogether.  I’ve even had accountability partners!  I’ve also had a list of things to do – without calling them “resolutions” to keep myself tricked into doing them.

But I found something that works for me.  I began several years ago asking friends and family to share with me what their hopes or prayers for the new year would be.  I’ve written those down and have committed to praying in agreement with them for these things throughout the year.

This year, we have seen so many answered prayers!

We even had two precious people in our lives and church find each other, fall in love AND get married THIS YEAR! God is SO generous!

This year, in the same vein and in the spirit of “keeping it real” for all of us, my husband and I are inviting you to join us in a 31 Day Challenge.  We aren’t selling a detox kit or vitamins or a shake or a gym membership.  Rather, we are inviting you all: married or single, divorced, widowed, frustrated, engaged, determined, dating or dreaming, to join us in praying for your spouse, your future spouse or the spouses of your un-wed friends and family.

Marriage isn’t a choice everyone will make!  But, we believe praying for a spouse will encourage you in your own walk through life, no matter where you might BE in your walk.

So!  Jump in!  We will begin on January 1, 2017.

You can keep up with us right here, on this blog and on BeholdHerLife Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for 31 Days.  Be encouraged!  We will be sharing what we feel led to share – easy stuff and hard stuff.  Let us know you’re joining us!  We’d love to have you weigh in on how it’s going for you in your own unique circumstances.

The books we, our 26 year old & his wife, along with our daughters and the great guys who are courting them will be using are in a link below.

Happy New Year, y’all!




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