It has become a contest of honor in our marriage.

Who can out-honor the other?  Honor in word and in deed, in and out of one another’s presence, we mean to honor ONLY and far beyond what the other does.

We both try – and sometimes, we both try at the same time!

But we have found that if we are each trying at opposite times, we both win!

Disclaimer: I am far from a perfect wife and my Super Hero Hubs is not perfect either.

Redemption: He is, however, absolutely perfect for me.  Thank you, LORD for the LOVE!

Our love is MOST assuredly multiplied in HIS PERFECT LOVE.

And every chance we get (or remember), we say “I love you.”

It used to be followed with, “I love you more!” from the other.  Cute, huh?

Then, it was topped with, “I love you MOST!” which was rebutted with a firm, “Nu-uh!”

*because we are really 13 year old crushes trapped in mid-life hosts!*

Hence, the competition had to become more heated!

Recently, on a trip to Tennessee, we saw a sign that read, “I love you most. The end.”

Yep!  That’s what it amounts to – I do love him most.  More than anyone else loves him!

And, he is perfect for me.  I’ve waited my whole life for this – a perfect husband.

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