Luke. Chapter Five.
Start here in 2018.
What a faith walking chapter this is!
I love the place in the text where Jesus simply tells the men in the boat to put it in deeper water and cast a net. They thought they had hauled in all there was to bring already! Nope, the Christ said to put their nets out again – in DEEP water, not the shallows. I don’t know how far out the “DEEPER” was, but I can attest that rowing a small boat in the Red River or near the Shores of Texoma (Lake Texoma) is no easy task! So, after they had already done their fishing, listened to The Messiah teach, and thought their day was done, Jesus told them to heave-ho and get back to it again. He didn’t give them a long dissertation for WHY to do it. He didn’t plead with them to do it. He didn’t even hint that he wasn’t sure what might happen if MAYBE they went into deeper waters and threw out the nets. He just said do it. Their response was typical. The intent was to show God’s provision. The effect was INCREASED FAITH!

I also thought about my love for football and frisbee as I re-read these verses. I used to play catch with my Dad-o. He’d say, “Go deep, Mel!” as he was prepping the football in the palm of his left hand while gripping it with his right. The more he pounded it in his had, the further it would go, I just knew it! And with the frisbee, he would cross his body several times with his arm and “rev-up” for that disc throw. So, I would take off running, looking back over my shoulder every few feet to see HOW deep. He never told me exactly where to stop and wait for the ball, Y’all. I had to keep my eyes on him and listen for his throwing breath. There was one sound he always made as he released the ball or frisbee. And I knew I needed to be ready to receive! Sometimes I would not be on track at all to catch it. Sometimes, it came right to me. Other times, I would almost be ready and end up fumbling it or catching it in the body (which would make me lose my breath!). But, anytime he told me to go deep, I knew he was about to throw something he would be proud of. Dad-o never threw a fumble on purpose! Certainly, my Heavenly Father won’t either.
So, in 2018, is Jesus telling you to go deep?
Are you about to make the most important catch of your life? Are you ready and willing to row row row your boat out into the deeper waters, by faith?
He’s calling ME. I’m ready to receive!

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