So, at the beginning of each year, it seems it is fitting to set some goals. I try. I really do. I have always just been one to NOT want to set myself up to fail. I remember years of NO goals – I figured if i didn’t set expectations, I wouldn’t disappoint myself or anyone else. Right? C’mon, who’s with me on that? Okay, it was lame. I accept that, now. I also remember years of setting such LOFTY goals, there was no way I could have reached them. But, I was feeling ambitious. Also, lame. I finally, after years of vacillating, came to the conclusion that I really should consult The Lord about what kind of goals to set for myself. I typically do this during Jubilee (Kind of a Revival of sorts at our church) , and I do this WITH my family, as well as alone. THIS year, I decided to measure how things have gone since Jubilee and kind of give myself a ctrl+alt+delete.

I found the coolest stuff at Dayspring. You should take a peek. The sale linked above starts on January 10 (tomorrow!)

There’s also a Warehouse sale I am browsing right now and I will add that little link later! For now, I want to encourage you. Plan, think, list, set goals. But, remember: He knows the plans He has for you, already! So, see what he has to say about it, huh?

#BeholdHerLife #Goals

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