Update 11/30/17 (scroll down for cool, new affiliate info and side-hustle gigs)
Okay, so I know you probably have at least 3 apps running on whatever device you’re on – or maybe 9 windows open if you’re on the laptop!  I am totally not about wasting time, so, here’s the scoop:

I started digitally earning back in 1996-ish through AOL.

Since that time, things have changed, A LOT – keeping up with the trends has remained as much of a game to me as Candy Crush is to some!  Every weekday, I take about 30 (or so) minutes to see what’s trending in several different industries.  It never fails that I will run across a special offer or a BOGO for something.  But rarely do I find true freebies.  SO, that’s what I want share with you FIRST.

Sign up to earn points that turn into actual MONEY and GIFTCARDS:

Swagbucks – Do surveys or watch short video clips for points.  I actually paid for ALL of my gasoline for a road trip to Nashville one year with my Swagbucks using gift cards!  CLICK HERE: START EARNING SWAGBUCKS

Shopkicks – This one is a HUGE favorite for my whole family.  You can earn kicks for walking in and scanning specific items generated by the app.  Another way to earn is by shopping, although it’s not necessary to buy anything!  You can redeem the points for gift cards to Target, Best Buy and MORE.  I actually paid for ALL of our Coffee at a Major chain in NYC during the Jonas Blizzard (I prefer local CJ’s Coffee) using ShopKicks! CLICK HERE: START kickin’ it with SHOPKICKS

Also, google search hunt4freebies – just to get some free happy mail like stickers and samples!

Now, for some other FUN STUFF – become an actual affiliate.

Affiliate what?  What’s that?  So, an affiliate is an individual who has a special link and operates as a “billboard” of sorts for any brand or store.

There are a few types of affiliate programs and they all do things differently to reward their affiliates.

With some brands, FREE product is given in advance with the requirement that a review is given.  Reviews will lead to more freebies and more reviews with unique links from brands you review – and can result in cash payout for referred sales!

With others a unique link is given to an individual & when someone uses the unique link, an ROI (return on investment) is measured and the affiliate receives a percentage or flare rate for the click, purchase or conversion!

You should start slow – one or two affiliations at a time will be a great way to get your Affiliate feet wet and before long you’ll be doing cannonballs into the deep end!

Start here:

Clean up your social feeds – Businesses like entertaining blogs with images and clean, fun Insta-feeds, Twitter feeds and Facebook News Feeds!  Then, get to it:

BEAUTY: Become an Influenster and IMMEDIATELY complete your profile and start reviewing BOXES of FREE products for points and FREEBIES!  CLICK HERE: Become an Influenster Vox Box Reviewer!

Another super easy way to start in addition to Influenster:

Register with Shareasale and choose the companies you work with! *they have to choose you, too!

Getting paid for someone signing up for a FREE MONTH of Amazon Prime sound good to you? Become an Amazon Affiliate!Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Now, I find myself reading books before they’re published, pre-viewing short films, video bible studies, and reviewing products for just about everything under the sun.  My best advice: find a product you LOVE and have a passion for and BE an affiliate for it even if you’re not being paid!  BE influential in your church, school, clubs, social groups, restaurants, be an encourager – bottom line.  I LOVE sharing good things with the people who trust me to guide them in a right direction.

Come be an affiliate with me – it’s super fun!  Feel free to email me for more links – or questions!

And follow me on Instagram & Twitter @beholdherlife

UPDATE 11/30/17

HONEY – If you know me at all, you know that is one of my favorite words, things and names!  BUT – it is now also one of my favorite side gigs, too!  Honey finds LOWEST Prices and gives HUGE discounts at places you’re already shopping online.  The other day, I purchased a GoDaddy Domain that was going to be HUGE $$$ out of my pocket.  Guys, it cost me $1.18. WHAT?  What I super love is that it is connected to my search bar – so when I shop with my affiliate codes on AMAZON (see above) it gives me an EVEN BIGGER discount!

Follow me toHONEYand sign up, buy something using this savings app and I receive FIVE BUCKS – then, you get a super cool link when you create your account and can refer others to save cash, too! PLUS you will earn $5 when they purchase something with the SWEET HONEY Discount deal!

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