When I last blogged about my current physical and medical state, I had just shared I was facing two options, medically, but was and am standing on total and complete healing from The Lord:

Options are:
1. to do nothing and deal with the pain, allow the Uterus to continue to grow and see what happens, or,
2. have a hysterectomy.

So, my husband and I have some praying to do!
Life is so funny.  This is “Hysterical,” right?  The enemy means this for disaster – a crash and burn moment.  But MY GOD creates Crowns of Beauty from Ashes.

The enemy will not prevail, regardless!

Decision 2017:
After much prayer and seeking counsel, we have determined I will be having a Hysterectomy. I have a follow up appointment, a pre-op appointment, followed by surgery on June 26th, 2017. I am at peace with this decision. And I am ready to be on the other side of this! The pain has become excruciating and almost constant. It doesn’t appear that a particular action triggers it. My lower back, abdomen, and pelvis ache all the time. It feels like it’s coming from my bones, it’s so deep. Don’t google it, it will just freak you out.

I have been researching – or attempting to research – options for surgery and expectations for recovery. It looks like a minimum of 2-4 weeks off work. But, I really want to know what kind of foods I should eat before and after surgery, or what kind of panties will be best for recovery. What about hormone replacement? Will they have to take EVERYTHING? How will it affect my marriage and intimacy?

Sorry about all that, but that’s what it is! I have questions, concerns, some fear and no answers!
I am sure there are things on blogs, I just cannot find anything!

Any helpful tips? Share with me!

Talk about a time for trusting The Lord! This is it!
Stand with me in agreement that this is not going to be a lengthy process and the doctor won’t miss a thing!
John 16:33

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