Life is so funny.  

In October of 2016, what had been an occasional discomfort in my lowest point in my pelvis advanced to much more frequent pain from my pelvis to my back and all the way around my mid-section.  [Discomfort and Pain are extremely different in my book.]  I also began increasing in size – but only in my abdomen region.  Initially, I just chalked it up to growing older, approaching menopause and my metabolism slowing down after I retired from coaching cheerleading.  I made a few trips to the doctor through the holidays and was treated for a UTI (which I really knew was not the problem).  I continued putting off more trips to the doctor off – primarily due to finances.  Additionally, when I go to the doctor, it’s not ever been my own experience that they find absolutely nothing wrong!  I didn’t want a bill AND bad news.  

Meanwhile, I prayed.  Then, I returned to my doc to find that my blood work was very unfavorable.  Now, this is not new territory for me.  I’ve seen “bad labs” many times in my life.  It’s never stopped my Lord from showing up.  It’s never dethroned Him!  So, I was not worried, but I was on the WARPATH.

I enlisted only the most trusted women and elders to pray and believe with me that I am healed!  I know I am.  There are just a few little medical facts that are currently in the way.  

Now, it’s May.  I’m enlarging in size, still, and in more pain.  I am not exactly thrilled with the options in front of me.  My doctor referred me to go see my OB-GYN.  If I received a good report there, proceed to the Urologist.  And, then finally circling back around to the Oncologist.  

My OB-GYN says the reason for my discomfort is that my Uterus is enlarged.  I asked him how we can shrink it!  He informed me that it’s just not that simple.  Not only is it enlarged, it’s just chock full of tumors and fibroids, as well.  Now, I don’t think he actually said “chock full” but that is how it translated!  All of that weight and pressure has been causing me pain in many areas.  And, by all that weight, I mean I am tipping the scales at more than when I was pregnant!

Options are: 1. to do nothing and deal with the pain, allow the Uterus to continue to grow and see what happens, or, 2. have a hysterectomy.  

So, my husband and I have some praying to do!

Life is so funny.  This is “Hysterical,” right?  The enemy means this for disaster – a crash and burn moment.  But MY GOD creates Crowns of Beauty from Ashes.  
**important: I am writing this now, but will not post until we know which option we choose.  The enemy will not prevail, regardless!  

John 16:33

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