I spent the day with family yesterday.  We attend an annual Homecoming for a small community in north central Texas.  While we are there, we eat, talk, laugh, walk down memory lane and take tons of pictures!  I saw countless cousins – none of who are “removed” (I am sure that’s geneologically incorrect! – But there’s not much logical about geneology to the untrained brain!), aunts, uncles, and members of the tiny community.  We were all there to support one another and carry on a hundred years of tradition and upkeep on the community cemetery.  Now, when I was younger, I did go through a time when I really thought that was a weird thing to do.  I never really knew why we couldn’t do it indoors or at least around the corner at the church grounds.  But having attended Homecoming for most of my 40+ years of life, the importance of WHY we gather is increasingly more important than WHERE we gather.  I’ve hunted lizards and bugs, climbed trees and sat on roofs that I shouldn’t have been on during those Homecomings!  I have also brought all my kiddos and ones I’ve been instrumental in raising to those same grounds to do those same activities.  Now, they are all grown and are participating in the festivities.  I am so grateful for roots that run deep.  I am appreciative for my Nana who has stood as an oak in my raising – instilling values in me for my Christian walk and by default, my walk with family and other relationships.  I’ve laughed, cried and played and prayed every year without many exceptions in the exact place where I was yesterday.  Pictures coming soon!

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