Okay, This product is working for me! Ask me how to try it for FREE!

Okay, This product is working for me!  Ask me how to try it for FREE!

You might think that Nerium International would be charging hundreds of dollars for a product that does all that it does but you’d be wrong. There are two ways to purchase Nerium night cream. One, is as a retail customer with a cost of $110. This one way for someone who wants to try the product first. But, there’s a better, less expensive way to purchase Nerium night cream. That’s as a Preferred Customer. As a Preferred Customer the cost for the night cream is only $80. That’s a savings of $30! AND there is no commitment to a minimum number of purchases to receive the lower price.

But here’s the best part. Nerium International as a thirty day money back guarantee! That guarantee is also good on all first purchases as a Preferred Customer. So not only do Preferred Customers receive the lower price but they also get the money back guarantee. You just can’t go wrong!

The Nerium day cream is only available for purchase in a combo pack with the night cream. Again, if purchased as a Preferred Customer, you can save big money. 45 dollars to be precise. Nerium International is coming out more products in the near future.

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