Praying for a Spouse Day Five

Day Five

A prayer entitled Relinquishing Worries is on page 39 of my book.

I’m not a worrier by nature.  But, my husband comes from a long line of “worry warts” who are also “only children” and I pray a prayer like this prayer often over my husband!

I cannot count the number of times I’ve encouraged him to just do what God has said in His word and not worry or be afraid of what other people are going to say or think.  But saying it to him is WAY less effective than praying it over him.  Even in the midst of conflict or circumstances that may or may not have arisen from his worry, praying this has revealed the mind of Christ to him!

In this prayer from our book I prayed that I be a comforter for him.

Well, friends, while I know it’s hard to believe – our mouths cannot always be a comfort to our husbands.  And, because, as I stated, it is not in my nature to worry, I tend to come across as condescending when I say “don’t worry” or “God is in control” – in fact, there is little that can be spoken TO our husbands, sometimes, that will be a comfort.  SO, we speak over them!  Speaking in prayer to our Father in Heaven.  Claiming God’s promises and revelation for our husbands.  They they be enlightened, not that WE enlighten them!

My husband is not a victim of oppression by the enemy of our souls.  Neither is yours! Speak life!


Don’t worry, be happy.  (whistling yet?)


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