Praying for a Spouse Day Six

Turning to page 43 made me smile.

Praying for my Husband’s Health

3 John 1:2

Health is something we take for granted, often.  I am so thankful for my husband’s health.  In praying this prayer today, something really stood out to me.  “It is so vital that he has great health so that he can take care of his family with joy and longevity.” – Thirty-One prayers for my Husband.

The part about in what manner he takes care of me – WITH JOY!  If his health is poor, is he does not have healthy eating, sleeping or exercise habits, he will not be in full health. And without that fullness of health, the JOY slips right away.  Anything we do without healthy boundaries or healthy practices can suck the joy and life right out of something as simple as loving your family.  Loving his wife can look like a major undertaking if his health is not sustaining!  And I don’t know about y’all, but I wanna be loved and cared for with JOY!

I pray my husband be WELL in Jesus’ name in 2017 and will care for US with JOY!

I can help by making efforts to introduce and encourage eating good foods (I am really not very good at this) and allowing him to rest in the evenings, so he can sleep enough!

I love my husband and want him to live long on this earth.  That empty nest is just within view and I believe those days will be some of the most amazing years that we will share!  We must sow to it now, though.



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