My Book Shelf is growing!

I am pre-reading the new book Erwin McManus has written, called The Last Arrow. As part of his launch team, I have received a digital copy and will be receiving the paperback copy through the mail very soon! I am only a few pages in and felt compelled to tell you this book will be a must read. If you do not know who this man is, I urge you to google him!

I have always referred to my children, who are now grown, as my "Polished Arrows." When they were tiny, they were my "Little Blessings." And now, as I have raised them to release them, I see that those two terms of endearment are one in the same! It is a tremendous blessing to see them defeat the things that come at them in their lives. I never stopped striking the ground! I urge you to do the same. The Victory is sweet!

You can pre-order this now! His team does not pay me to endorse this book. But, I did receive the book free!

The Last Arrow

I also recommend the book Eyes Wide Shut, by Mr. McManus. I first purchased it years ago on audio CD to listen to in the car. I think you will enjoy it, as well!

What are YOU reading?

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