So, a few years ago, I retired from teaching dance and coaching cheerleading. My physical activity dropped significantly. And, when you’re over 40, no activity, and no change in diet lead to the same thing – gaining weight.

Tennis, dance and cheer. That’s the short list. Okay, that’s the ENTIRE list of the physical activities I enjoy. I used to do other things. I mean, when I was MUCH younger, I liked to water ski. But, the thought of hitting the water at that high rate of speed with only my torso wrapped in coated loathing foam does NOT sound appealing. Oh, I was pretty good at 1970’s style roller skating. You know, the stark white boots on four equally spaced wheels, cute Pom Poms on the laces. Now, I can almost guarantee my kids would ALL die from embarrassment if I chose that as my form of exercise, today.

I knew I needed to do something, but hitting the gym in my “before pic” body was not going to happen. You may call it pride. I call it survival. So, this one day, I was actually considering re-opening a studio for dance and I found a blog by Sadie Lincoln. It was so inspiring and freeing! I immediately started exploring Barre3!

I did a TON of FREE classes online and then, I decided to give it a three month trial. I LOVED IT! I’m only doing it 30 minutes a day 3 times a week, but I LOVE IT! Have I mentioned I LOVE IT? So, if you’re looking for a fun (non-gym rat) way to get your body moving, do this with me! You can go to one of their studios – they have them EVERYWHERE or you can do like I did and Join Barre3 Online!

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